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More about me.

I recently did an interview for another podcast. When it goes live I’ll share the link via social media. Until then I thought sharing the transcript would be a great way for me to share a little more about myself with you. Enjoy!

What happened when you realized it’s all about Health?

GREG:: I don’t know that I had an awakening moment…. One of the greatest gifts/lessons/values I got from my parents was the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle.  Not only did they let me play in the woods for hours on end, and encourage me to play any sport I wanted, they also lead by example.  We were always going on family bike rides, hiking, and playing sports together.  To this day, in their mid 60’s, my parents exercise daily.

When did you know in the deepest sense of the word that true health is taking care of yourself, eating right, exercise, and up to yourself. When did you make changes in your life and/or create a career around this to positively impact the world?

GREG:: I am still having Ah-Ha moments! I think if you stop having them there is a problem! We all need to keep looking to expand our knowledge.  As I mentioned before, my parents influence on my fitness and taking care of myself was very strong.  We never had soda or junk food in the house, and we always ate pretty healthy.   I have always had a good idea of how to take care of myself.Greg

I guess the first time I realized I could make changes and see results was the summer between high school and college.  I was an undersized discus thrower, and knew if I was going to be a competitive thrower in college I needed to put on some muscle mass.  As luck would have it there was a brilliant trainer at the gym I went to and she helped me dial in my NUTRITION, which made all the time I spent in the gym pay off.   I was amazed at how changing my nutrition could help so much. That is when I really got obsessed with health and fitness as a whole and it paved the way for my higher education.


 In what way do you practice the most amount of healthy living?

GREG:: Daily Exercise, I think its so important for us all to make sure to break a sweat on a daily basis.  Movement is medicine, be sure to get your daily dose!

In what way do you struggle in with Health & Fitness?

GREG:: Food, I love all food (everything from Broccoli to Burgers).  Finding the balance between moderation and overdoing it is always a struggle for me.

What has you most excited in Health & Fitness right now?

GREG:: Oh, boy… This is a tough one, there is a ton that has me excited right now.  Probably the new squat everyday program I am developing.  I have incorporated squatting everyday to a power lifting-like program I have done in the past.  I am about a 1/3 of the way through it myself and I’m seeing some great results already.  The next step will be putting a few of my clients through it.

What is/was holding you back from living healthy & achieving fitness?

GREG:: I don’t think anything is holding me back.  Is there room for improvement?  Sure, everyone has something to work on.  For the most part I live a healthy life and continue to achieve my goals.  There is no reason why anyone should not be healthy and progressing towards their goals.  The only thing that ever gets in anyone’s way is themselves and their mindset.

What’s the best health & fitness advice you’ve ever received?

GREG:: Two things, first one is from Dan John, incorporate weighted carries with every workout.  The second one is how I close everyone of my podcasts, “Train Hard, Train Heavy, and Remember Consistency is KING!”

Share one of your personal habits that contribute to daily action of health & wellness.

GREG:: Try to eat veggies with every meal and drink lots of water.

Share a resource that help(ed/s) you that you can share with our listeners.

GREG:: Pubmed/Google Scholar, YouTube, and Podcasts.  If someone tells you to try something new, ask why. If they can’t give you a science based answer, look for one.

What book would you recommend?

GREG:: Becoming a supple Leopard by Kelly Starrett.

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