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Throws Coaching

At the moment we are at maximum capacity for throws coaching.  If you are interested in receiving notifications of future openings please send me an email to: greg@hammershed.com.

Hammer Shed Throws Program

  • Safety
  • Improvement
  • Throws
  • Special Strength
  • General Strength (minimal effective dose)
The primary focus of our training is proper movement through the entirety of every throw and exercise.  If the weight of an implement or fatigue prevents us from doing it properly then we need to make the appropriate changes.  We are concerned with improving our technique, functionality, and strength. Not with throwing at maximum effort or how much weight we can lift/move.  This program is designed to make us better throwers and athletes. A typical practice is constructed in this format:
  1. Warm up: Foam Roller, Stretching, and Functional Movements 
  2. Throws 
  3. Special Strength 
  4. General Strength 

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